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Strategic Plan


The Federal Highway Administration implemented the LTAP/TTAP Strategic Plan in 2004 to clarify national program direction and add important performance analysis management tools. FHWA works in close coordination with LTAP/TTAP Centers and National LTAP Association to: a) think critically about our position in the local roads community; and b) think strategically about how to make improvements to crucial areas. The Plan is periodically updated to reflect the results of this ongoing outreach; the current version was last modified in the Summer of 2014.

The FHWA Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), a representative group of Center staff from across the LTAP/TTAP community, serves to analyze current and future trends in the program and advise FHWA on responsive program management. In 2009, the SPC coordinated the creation of guidance to Centers on transitioning their annual work plans to align with the focus areas in the Strategic Plan.

FHWA welcomes your feedback on the Strategic Plan and the SPC. Please send any questions or comments to Cameron Ishaq at cameron.ishaq.ctr@dot.gov.