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Patty AkinAllOSHA Construction Classes, OSHA General Industry Classes, CPR, First Aide OSHA Outreach Trainer Construction, Industry, OSHA Outreach Trainer General Industry, ASHI CPR, ASHI First Aide
Richard "Dick" AlbinAllRoadside Safety Design, Improving Safety of Horizontal Curves, Context Sensitive Solutions, Fundamentals of Planning, Design and Approval of Interchange, Improvements to the Interstate System, Safety Effects of Geometric Design Features for Multilane HighwaysSafety Design, Safety Hardware, Highway Design
K. Craig AllredAllRoad Safety Audits/Assessments Road Safety Fundamentals Speed Management/Setting Realistic Speed Limits Designing for Pedestrian Safety Planning and Designing for Pedestrian Safety Older Driver and Pedestrian SafetyRoad Safety Audits/Assessments Automated Enforcement Speed Management/Setting Realistic Speed Limits Pedestrian Safety Law Enforcement and First Responder Relations Older Driver Law Enforcement Work Zone Training Class
F.E. (Gene) Amparano, P.E.AllRoadway Design for Older Drivers and Pedestrians, Safety Effects of Geometric Design Features for Two-Lane Rural Roads and Multilane Urban/Suburban Highways Safety, Older Drivers and Pedestrians, Quantifying Safety Effects of Geometric Design Features
Tim ArdAll Chain Saw Safety Workshops – One Day, Two Day and Three Day workshops – Hands on and classroom instruction.
Al BachnerAllWork Zone Control, Roadway safety Engineering, Safety Evaluation, Flagger Training, MUTCD Useage, Math for the TechnicianAccident Reconstruction, Engineering Math and Physics, Flagger Training, Math for Roadway Workers, MUTCD, Roadway Design, Safety & Environmental Hazards, Sign Inventory Management, Traffic Control, Training for Trainers, Work Zone Safety
Blair BarnhardtAllAsphalt Pavement Recycling Technology, Pavement Preservation, Soil Stabilization, Slurry Seal, Micro Surfacing, Cold Milling, Hot In Place Recycling, Cold In Place Recycling, Full Depth Reclamation, Pavement Management, StreetSaver and MicroPAVER Distress Surveys and Training of Your Agency Staff, Asset Management, Pavement Distress Evaluation, Pavement Condition Ratings, Techincal Training, Consulting, Asphalt Paving, Concrete, Estimating, Project Management, Infrastructure Management, GDOT PACES and CO-PACES pavement evaluation softwareAsphalt Pavement Recycling Technology, Pavement Preservation,Soil Stabilization, Slurry Seal, Micro Surfacing, Cold Milling, Hot In Place Recycling, Cold In Place Recycling, Full Depth Reclamation, Pavement Management, Pavement Condition Ratings, StreetSaver and MicroPAVER Distress Surveys and Training of Your Agency Staff, Asset Management, Pavement Distress Evaluation,Techincal Training, Consulting, Asphalt Paving, Concrete, Estimating, Project Management, Infrastructure Management, GDOT PACES and CO-PACES pavement evaluation software
SeaRay BeltranAllOSHA 10 & 30 Hour Roadway Construction Safety Training, OSHA 10-Hour Road and Bridge Construction Safety Training, Law Enforcement & Contractor Work Zone Safety Training, Flagger Safety Training, OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Construction Training, OSHA 10 & 30 Hour General Industry Training, Machine Amputation Hazards Training, Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Training, Trenching Safety Training, Chainsaw Safety Training, Asbestos, Lead & Silica Dust Awareness Training, Hazardous Material Safety Training, Power Industrial Truck Training, Respiratory Protection Training, Confined Space Entry, Lockout/Tagout Training, Arc Flash safety Training, Electrical Safety Standards, Building Evacuation Trainnig, Driver Safety & Mirror Training, Office & Work Place Ergonomics, Ergonomics for Law Enforcement, Ergonomics Guidelines Training for Nursing Homes, Collateral Duty for Other Federal Agencies, Mower Safety, Heat Stress Safety TrainingOSHA courses, MUTCD, Fire, Secuirty Risk Analysis
Chris BladesAll Asphalt Materials, Asphalt Paving (both Hot Mix and Cold Mix paving), Emulsion Asphalts, Superpave Design and Construction, Quality Control of both Production and Construction, Pavement Smoothness. I have had a over 30 years of experience in these fields and have done presentations at for a number of organizations and taught specific groups on portions of all of the above areas
Peter E. BouleyAll & Canadabasic welder training as well as SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, for beginners & experienced with Certification paperwork if qualified; Heavy Equipment for beginners and refresher for experienced including road building; Basic Crane (all types), rigging and proper lifting procedures, including critical lift plans; Job hazard Analysis for those in construction; CDL A & B; MSHA 24 hour for new miners and 8 hour refresher (annual required); Permit required Confined Space including rescue drills and training; Certified Welding Trainer & Inspector, can give test & issue AWS,ASME, Certification; Heavy Equipment training all types & State License prep; CDL A & B training; 10 & 30 Hour OSHA with signed cards; Cranes of all types, including railroad; Rigging, Loading/unloading equipment on trucks and inspection of equipment; Forklifts for industry & Construction with OSHA Certification Certificate; Confined Space, both 8 hour initial & 4 hour refresher; MSHA classes for metal & non-metal open pits and Quarries; Accident investigation; Safety training of all types; etc.
Paul BrownAll Road Surface Management System (RSMS), Sign Inventory Management System (SIMS), Winter Operations, Cost Estimating, Basics of a Good Road, All about Asphalt (practical not technical) I was involved with the Pennsylvania Technical Exchange and have also participated in many train-the-trainer programs. The only restrictions would be enough lead time to arrange my schedule at home
Terrence Browne, P.E.All 50 States. Currently teach nationwide and internationally. Highway Infrastructure Inspection, Maintenance, Design, Rehabilitation, and Construction Bridges, Culverts, Foundations, Sign Structures, Highmast Lights, Ancillary Structures, Retaining Walls, Hydraulic Structures
Robert Burch, CHSTAL, AZ, CA, FL, GA, KY, MA, ME, NY, TX, WVBackhoe operator (4 day course), Bucket trucks, Defensive driving (CDL)and other, CDL vehicle inspections, Excavation & trenching (competent person), Fall protection, Forklift certification, Flagger certification, Workzone traffic control (TCP) 1 and two day classes, Roadway inspection classes (two day)OSHA compliance, Training in the following areas:Bucket Truck, Backhoe/Loader, Excavation and trenching (competent person),Fall protection, Crane inspection, Roadway Safety Inspection Program (RSIP),Workzone setup and traffic control plans (TCP), Workzone construction inspection program, Forklift certification. Mr. Burch is an instructor for the FHWA/NHI construction inspection course 380063, authorized instructor for the OSHA 500 & 501 course, roadway safety analyst for the Arizona Counties Insurance Pool (ACIP); has investigated many workplace accidents & provides consultation to many public agencies.
Robert BurchAllBackhoe/Loader (3 day) 29 CFR 1926.20, Bucket Truck 29 CFR 1910.66, Confined Space 29 CFR1910.146, Construction Plan Reading (basic), Crane Inspections ANSI B-30.5, Defensive driving, inspections (CDL) 49 CFR, Fire Extinguisher (simulator training), Forklift operator certification, Hazmat First Responder training for public employees 29 CFR 1910.120(q(6)(i), Hazard Communication (MSDS) 29CFR 1910.1200, MUTCD, Road Safety Audit (RSA), Sexual Harassment (and other), Supervisor class for public employees, Surveying (basic), Truck Crane ANSI B-30.5, Work Zone setup/inspection OSHA, MSHA, MUTCD, Highway Maintenance, Construction Equipment
Eric Caldwell, CSPAllOSHA 10 Hr. Construction, OSHA 30 Hr. Construction, OSHA 10 Hr. General Ind., OSHA 30 Hr. General Ind., Hazwoper 40 Hr., Hazwoper 24 Hr., Hazwoper 8 Hr. Refresher, Confined Space Entry, Hazard Communication, First Aid, CPR, AED, Excavation & Trenching, Fall Protection, Forklift & RT Forklift, Aerial Lift(Scissors & Boom), Scaffolding User, Electrical Safety, Lockout/Tagout(LO/TO), Welding & Hot Work, Cranes Safety, Rigging Safety, Respiratory Protection, Asbestos Awareness, Lead Awareness, MSHA 24 hr. New Miner, MSHA 8 hr. Refresher, OSHA Recordkeeping, Work Zone Safety, HR Courses, Many more.....Full service provider of occupational safety & health consulting, training, and staffing services.
John CalvertAllTennessee Public Works Institute - Pavement Maintenance Tennessee LTAP (TTAP) - Pavement Maintenance & Rehabilitation, American Public Works Association - Pavement Preservation, Utah LTAP - Pavement Preservation, Georgia LTAP - Pavement Management (May 25, 2010) Pavement Preservation; Pavement Management; Pavement Maintenance & Rehabilitation
Michael ChodakowskyAllPilot Escort, MOT, MOTI, IMSA level 1-2-3Pilot Escort, Work Zone, Signs & Markings
Lennie Garret CollinsAR, IA, IL, KS, KY, MO, OK, TNBridge Preventive Maintenance, Chip Seal, Work Zone and Flagger Safety, Snow and Ice ControlBridge Repair and Preventive Maintenance, Asphalt Pavement, Work Zone and Flagger Traffic Control MUTCD, Snow and Ice Control
Thomas J. CookAllShop Safety, Basic Welding Oxy, Basic Welding Arc, Advanced Welding, Specialty Welding, Concrete-Reinforcing and Form Building, Woodworking-Basic and Power Tool, Framing and CarpentryDesign and Construction, OSHA Safety, Welding, Concrete, Woodworking, Carpentry, Workplace/Shop Safety
E. Wallace CoyleAllCommunication Skills for New Managers, Communication Skills in the Workplace, Conflict Management, Dealing with Difficult People, , Dynamic Listening Skills, Becoming an Effective Leader, Diversity in the Workplace, Dealing with Failure and Success, Delegation Skills for Supervisors, Dynamic Listening Skills, Essential Skills of Leadership: One, Essential Skills of Leadership: Two, Executive Oral Presentation Skills, Executive Written Presentation Skills, Group Dynamics in the Workplace, Interviewing Skills, Leadership Skills for New Managers, Leading the Effective Team, Meeting Organizational Goals, Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Staff Preparing for and Managing Change, Project Management, Running an Effective Meeting, Quality Management Training, Team Organization and Development, Time Management , Working with Outside VendorsManagement Training and Supervisory Skills Our firm focuses on five primary services to management: Planning, development, and delivery of management training programs.; Assessment of training program curriculum and design implementation.; Focus groups and team development facilitation; Consultation to management on human resource, change, and leadership issues; Individual one-on-one coaching and performance improvement consultation.; Customized organizational development
Dieter W. CragoAllIntroduction to Construction Inspection in Public Works, Advanced Construction Inpsection in Public Works, Concrete Installation Construction Inspection, Advanced Construction Inspection, Concrete
Milo CressAll130053, 130054, 130055, 130078Civil Engineering, Hydraulics, & Bridge Inspection
George CrombieAll Public Works Administration, Employee Education, Sustainability
Deanna P. DannelsSC, NC, VA, WV, MDManaging Conflict with the Public Managing Conflict with Employees Speaking to the Public and Managing Difficult Questions conflict management, public speaking, communication with the public, public meetings, dealing with difficult questions, interviewing
Mark DoctorAllRoundabout Workshop, Intersection Safety Workshop, Fundamentals of Planning Design & Approval of Interchange Improvements to the Interstate System, Highway Design: Applying Flexibility and Risk Management Geometric design, Freeway and Interchange design, Context Sensitive Solutions, Intersection safety, Roundabout design
Bruce DrewesNationally and InternationallyATSSA Flagger, ATSSA Traffic Control Technician, ATSSA Traffic Control Supervisor, Retroreflectivity for Signs, Retroreflectivity for Sign Inspectors, 2009 MUTCD, Road Safety Fundamentals, Road Safety 365, Road Safety Audits, Gravel Road Maintenance. For a full list of classes and services, please refer to http://www.3tgroup.org (After Oct 1, 2013)Workzone Traffic Control, Retroreflectivity for signs, MUTCD, Local Agency Roadway Safety,Winter Maintenance, Roadway and Roadside Safety,and Construction Safety
Ron Eck, P.E., Ph.D.All traffic engineering, road safety fundamentals, low-cost safety improvements, pedestrians/pedestrian facilities and tort liability/risk management.
Peter EunAllHow to Develop a Pedestrian Action Plan training course, Developing a Pedestrian Action Plan Workshop, Designing for Pedestrian SafetyPedestrian Safety, Web Based Training
John FleckensteinAll Design, Performance Testing, Research, QC, QA, Cost Benefit, Long Term Performance, and Failure Analysis of Pavement, Storm/Highway and Municipal Drainage Structures
Ronald FletcherCA, GA, LA, TX Trucking
James W GreenAllOSHA 10/30 HR Training Program, TMOST-Tractor/Mower Operator Safety Training, Excavator Operator and Safety Training Program, Street Sweeper Operator and Safety Training Program, Snow Fighter Training Program, Leadership Training for Managers, VACALL Operator ans Safety Training Program,Bobcat and associated attachments, Utility vehicles (all models, Tractor/Loader Backhoe Asphalt Maintenance, Communication Skills, Groundwater/Surface Water Hydrology, Heavy Equipment Operation, Leadership, OSHA Safety, Safety & Environmental Hazards, Snow and Ice Control, Winter operations, Excavator Operation//Tractor-Mower Operator
Ted Green, PEAllConducting Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity Inspection, The Mini Bridge: Culvert Design and Repair Bridge Connection DetailsRetroreflectivity, Bridges/Culverts, MUTCD
Janet and David GrouchyAllSupervisory Skills- Solving Conflict in the Workplace, Don’t Just Manage—Motivate!, Leading Dynamic Meetings, Conquering Your Massive Workload [How to Eat an Elephant], Making Evaluations a Positive Experience for Everybody, The Power of Positive Delegation, Becoming a Successful Supervisor. People Skills-Creating the Future, Ethics for Public Employees, Humor as a Tool or a Weapon, Relaxation Skills: Just Breathe! Communication Skills-Argument as Decision Making: And your point is…?, Communicating Your Public Works Image, Dealing with the Media, Effective Communication: The Basics, Overcoming Communication Barriers: I know you think you heard what I said…, Powerful Public Speaking, How to Teach What You Know, Written Communications: The Basics. Technical Skills-Asphalt Roads, Basics of A Good Road, Drainage: The Key to Roads That Last, Geotextiles, Unpaved and Gravel Roads, Road Safety Audit/Road Safety Review, After Action Reviews for Better Planning, Basics of Land Surveying People skills, Written and Verbal Communication, Safety
Brent GummertAllMNDOT, City of St.Paul, Minneapolis, Scott County, Anoka County, Connexus Energy, Midwest Asphalt, Short Elliot Hendrickson Engineering.Traffic Control, Flagging, Highway signs and standards.
Norman Dee HadfieldAllHeavy Equipment Training(Grader I & II, Loader, Backhoe I & II,Excavator I & II, Dozer, Skid steer), Flagger, TCT, TCS, Winter Maintenances Heavy Equipment Training(Grader I & II, Loader, Backhoe I & II,Excavator I & II, Dozer, Skid steer), Flagger, TCT, TCS, Winter Maintenances
Michael HallAllMath Refresher/Beginning Survey I;Design Survey;Engineering Principles;Bridge Construction Inspection. Resident Engineer/Civil Engineer III for 30yrs with the ILDOT, overseeing construction projects from medium/large. They included Asphalt/Concrete Highways,Bridge Construction,Documentation. 22+yrs teaching Technology Transfer(LTAP) program for Central Bureau of Local Roads/Streets-ILDOT
Ann HamiltonAnyConflict Management, Handling the Media in a Crisis, Interpersonal Communication Strategies, Cross Cultural Management, Leadership, Sources and Discourses of PowerHuman communication studies (including interpersonal, cultural, and conflict communication)and Regulatory systems (Institutional Review Boards and Research Ethics in Social Science)
Bonnie Harper-LoreAllIntegrated Roadside Vegetation Management, Restoration of Disturbed Sites, Landscape Use of Native Plants, Invasive Plant Prevention and Management  
Keith J. Harrison, P.E.All Geometric Design, Roadside Safety, Context Sensitive Solutions
Bob HearnAllBasics of a Good Road, Maintenance of Gravel Roads, Maintenance of Asphalt Roads, How to Manage a Small (or Large) Highway Department, Basic Supervision in Public Works, Basic and Intermediate Surveying, NICET Certification Seminars for Subprofessionals, Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Public Works topics
William F. HeidenAllThe Basics of a Good Gravel Road, Roadway Drainage, Pavement Maintenance, Plan Reading and Slope StakingCulverts, Drainage, Dust Control, Gravel Road Maintenance, State-Tribal Consultation and Coordination
Steve HicksAllWheel Loader Operation, Wheel Loader Advanced Application, Motorgrader, Operation, Motorgrader Advanced Application, Track Type Tractor Operation, Track Type Tractor Advanced Application, Telehandler/Rough Terrain Forklift Operation, Forklift Operation, Excavator Operation, Excavator Advanced Application, Backhoe Operation, Backhoe Advanced Application, Off Highway Truck Operation, Articulated Truck Operation, Skid Steer Loader Operation, Skid Steer Loader Advanced Application, Lifting And Rigging, Chainsaw Operation, Chipper Shredder, Agricultural Tractor/Mower Operation, Aerial Work Platform Operation, Landfill Equipment Operation, Landfill Equipment Advanced Operation, OSHA 10 Hr Construction Workplace Safety, OSHA 30 Hr Construction Workplace Safety, Concrete & Masonry, Confined Spaces, Cranes, Derricks, & Hoists, Cranes & Rigging, Demolition, Electrical Safety, Excavations, Fall Protection, Fire Protection, General Safety & Health Provisions, Hand & Power Tools, Materials Handling, Motor Vehicles, Occupational Health and Environmental Controls, OSHA 1926 STD 3-1.1 (2004), Personal Protective Equipment, Process Safety Management, Recordkeeping, Scaffolding, Stairways & Ladders, Steel Erection, Welding, Cutting, & BrazingHeavy Equipment Training that incudes: Equipment Safety, Machine Walk Around Inspection, Cab and Controls, Operator Maintenance, Jobsite Safety, Proper Machine Operation; Advanced Operation Classes Include: Production Techniques, Complex, Machine Applications, Jobsite Productivity Analysis
Harold B. HigginsAll Motor grader training and gravel road maintenance
Mark M. HoodAllRoad Safety Fundamentals; Traffic Signs; Work Zone Traffic Control; Risk Management/Tort Liability; Equipment and Worker Safety; Traffic Calming; Engineering and Traffic Studies; Roadside Safety (Roadside Design Guide); Common Sense Solutions to Intersection Problems; Roadway Safety Improvement Program; Road Safety Audits; Where and When to Use Signs, Signals and Markings; Solving Local Traffic Problems; Safety Risk Management; Posting Weight Limits and Bonding RoadsHighway Safety, Traffic Engineering, among others
John Hopkins Gravel Roads Maintenance, Hands-on motorgrader training, All about Roadway Materials, Math for Roadway Workers, Construction Inspection for public works, Geotextiles for low volume roadsLow volume road maintenance, Construction/Roadway materials, Have 14 years experience in private sector construction (highways, auto assembly plants, nuclear power plants, high rise bldgs.) plus 18 years as Dir. of T2 centers, working in 5 states directly with locals. Also have belonged to 3 different trade unions with a journeyman rating in two of them. I have been employed to perform the work of basically everything I teach, with both private companies and state DOT
John L. HopkinsAllAny size classGravel Roads, Maint. of local roads (Asph, chip, gravel), Bridge Maintenance, Const. Inspection, Math for Road workers, Geosynthetics-- how to select and install, Asphalt Paving, All about Roadway Materials
Stan HudeckiAllSnowplow, Motor Grader, Tractor Loader Backhoe, Front End Loader, Excavator, Crawler Dozer, Roadside Mower, Winter Maintenance, Pre-Trip Inspection, Airbrake Awareness, Forklift, All Terrain Utility Vehicle, Rigging and Recovery, Defensive Driving Course, Skid Pad, WHMIS, Lockout Tagout, Fall Protection, Transportation of Dangerous GoodsHeavy Equipment Operation, Occupational Health & Safety Act, Snow and Ice Control, Winter Operations, Driver Awareness, Collision Investigation and Review
Orlando Huguet, Jr.FL Instructor for ATSSA and National Safety Council for Basic Flagging Course. Instructor for American Red Cross and NSC First Aid/CPR. Instructor for OSHA 10 and 30hrs General Construction. Instructor for Forklift, Fall Protection, Confined Space, Trenching/Excavation and Basic Rigging.
Joseph HummerAllHighway Capacity Manual and software, Highway safety, Unconventional intersection design and operationTraffic operations, highway design, and highway safety
John HunterFlexiblePlease Contact for detailsAsphalt Pavement Preservation Treatments, Rejuvenators, Sealers, Fog Seals
George Huntington Construction Inspection, Soils Basics, Design of Low Volume Paved Roads, Work Zone Traffic Control and Safety, ATSSA Flagger CertificationMaterials Construction
John Owen HurdAllInstallation and Maintenance of Drainage Structures, Design of Culvert Relines,Hydraulic Design of Drainage Pipe, Structural Design of Drainage Pipe, Culvert Inspection and Maintenance, Erosion Control Pracices, Installation of Drainage Pipe, Any other courses involving highway drainageCivil Engineering, Culverts, Drainage, Erosion and Sediment Control, Groundwater/Surface Water Hydrology, Storm Water Engineering/Management
Dane IsmartAllSite Impact Analysis, Access Management Analysis, Highway Capacity Analysis, Signal Warrant Analysis, Bicycle Design, Traffic Calming Techniques, Introduction of Roundabout Design, Signal Intersection Analysis Site Impact Analysis, Access Management, Highway Capacity, Signal Warrant Analysis, Bicycle Design, Traffic Calming, Roundabout Design, Signal Intersection Analysis
Ann JohnsonAll Asphalt Maintenance,Civil Engineering, Construction Career Days, Construction Inspection for Public Works, Design and Construction, Erosion and Sediment Control, Surface treatments, Surveying
Roger JohnsonAll Heavy Equipment Training, Backhoe, Motorgrader, Front-end Loader, Dozer, Scraper, Excavators, Rigging, Forklift, Skidsteer, Snow Plow, Boom Trucks, Grades, Equipment Safety
John (Jay) JordanAll Work Zone Traffic Control, Snow and Ice Removal, Gravel Road Maintenance, Culverts and Drainage, Flaggers
Pamela D. JurneyAll but AK, HIArcGIS I, Basic, ArcGIS II, and GIS for Tribal UsersGIS, Data Management, Indian Reservation Roads Inventory, Environmental
Edward J. Kant, P.E.AllLow-cost Solutions for Rural Roads; Road Safety Audits for Local Governments; Road Safety Audits for Community Traffic Safety Teams; Introduction to Project Management; Safety topics; other similar types of short-courses Transportation, traffic engineering, transportation operations and maintenance, management
David KarnsAll Heavy Equipment Training, Backhoe, Motorgrader, Front-end Loader, Dozer, Scraper, Excavators, Rigging, Forklift, Skidsteer, Snow Plow, Boom Trucks, Grades, Equipment Safety
Paul KelleyAll Work Zone Traffic Control, Guardrail Installation (Roadside Safety Hardware), MicroStation CAD Software
Janet L. Keyes, CIHAllOSHA Outreach - general industry, Hazard communication/Right to know, Confined space entry, Electrical safety, lockout/tagout, Respiratory protection, Silica and lead hazardsOSHA Safety, Safety and Environmental Hazards, Industrial hygiene/occupational health hazards in general industry and construction. About 15 years experience as industrial hygienist for MNDOT; 15 years as a consultant training public works and others on workplace hazards. See http://www.chess-safety.com
Michael KingAllmanagement, leadership, basic supervision, workplace violence, conference motivational/humorous speakermanagement, leadership, basic supervision, workplace violence, conference motivational/humorous speaker
Jim KissaneAllTechniques for Improving Employee Retention - 1 day, Death of Customer Loyalty (Customer Retention) - 1 day, Managing 4 Generations in the Workforce - 1 day, Get Them / Keep Them (Employee On-boarding) - 1 dayWorkforce Development, eLearning, Management Development
Danial KleczkaAllPilot, Escort - Flagging, IMOT, OSHA Industrial Lift Trucks, Fall Protection, American Heart Association - First Aid,CPR,AED, Disaster PreparednessPilot, Escort - Flagging, IMOT, OSHA Industrial Lift Trucks, Fall Protection, American Heart Association - First Aid,CPR,AED, Disaster Preparedness
Michael John Kober, P.E.AllBridge maintenance price agreement development, bridge maintenance operations, bridge inspection/evaluation.Bridge construction, bridge inspection and evaluation, bridge maintenance, structural steel fabrication inspection, parking structure inspection/evaluation.
Renee KollerAllRetroreflectivity; Beginning Math for Roadway Workers (A refresher); Advanced Math for Roadway Workers (Field applications).Retroreflectivity, Math, Material Physics, Structural Engineering, Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcements.
Ed LaFavorAll Chain Saw Safety, Training for Trainers
George (Butch) LeelCT, MA, ME, NY, RI, VTDrainage, Drainage, Drainage; Flagger Certification (ATSSA); Workzone Traffic Control; Winter Maintenance Operations; Culvert Installation & MaintenanceButch Leel is the Technical Support Assistant and Main Instructor at the NH LTAP Center. He worked with the NHDOT for 32 years. Butch is a Master Roads Scholar with the NH LTAP Center.
Tim Longbrook Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Colorado Roads Scholar courses See above. Train the Trainer / Flagger Certification / Work Zone Traffic Safety / MUTCD / Heavy Equipment Safety / Safety Culture On the Job / Variety of Driving Programs, both classroom and track. Always top evaluations. I draw on my experience and training to present courses that are fun and educational for all levels. I personalize the training with powerpoint, short videos and handouts.
Omar LopezAll Spanish speaking workers
John W. LovatoAllHeavy Equipment Operation and Safety Training, Forklift and Lifting Equipment Operation and Safety Training, Work Zone Traffic Control 'Flagger' Safety Training, Snow Fighting/Snow Removal Training, Grade Staking TrainingHeavy Equipment, Safety, Flagging, Blue Print reading, Grade Staking,Forklift (all types), Roads, Water lines, Sewer lines, IHS Bidding, All types of construction
Paul K. MaleEast CoastTaught Surveying & Basics of a Good Road for CLR since 1998.Surveying, Storm water, general civil enginering
Jim Matosich, Mr.All states including Alaska & HawaiiBackhoe, Dozer 1 & 2, Excavator, Forklift, Loader 1 & 2, Skid Steer, Track Loader, and Motor Grader Safe operation of Motor Graders, Backhoe Loaders, Track-Type Tractors, Small, Medium & Large Wheel Loaders
Paul P. McCainAllOSHA 10 / 30 Hour Construction and General Industry; Trenching Competent Person; Permit-Required Confined Space Entry; Fall Protection Competent Person; Scaffolding Competent Person; Legal Aspects of Construction; Project Correspondence Professional Engineer; Authorized OSHA Instructor, Assistant Dir. NC State University OSHA Training Institute Center - NC State University & Construction Program Chair; Adjunct Faculty - NCSU Dept. of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Thomas R. McConnellAllArcGIS Desktop I: Getting Started with GIS, ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and Functionality, ArcGIS Desktop III: GIS Workflows and Analysis, Introduction to Geoprocessing Scripts Using PythonOver forty years experience in applying information technology and quantitative methods to business problem-solving, with an emphasis on marketing issues. Advanced skills in systems analysis, design, development and project management. Strong experience in managing teams of technically skilled professionals.
Tom McDonaldIL, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, SD, WIWork Zone Safety, MUTCD Provisions, Flagger Training, Temporary Traffic Control for Work ZonesFlagger Training, MUTCD, Traffic Control, Work Zone Safety
John McFaddenAllLow Cost Safety Improvements, Improving Safety at Horizontal Curves, Crash Reduction Factors, Safety Effects of Design Decisions, Highway Safety Data AnalysisGeometric Design, Data Analysis, Low Cost Safety Improvements
George W. MerrittAllInterstate Access Requests and Interchange Design; Fundamentals of Planning, Design and Approval of Interchange Improvements to the Interstate System; Roadside Safety Design; Highway Design: Applying Flexibility and Risk Management; Basics of Sign Retroreflectivity; Inspector Training for Sign RetroreflectivityGeometric Design, Freeway Interchange Design, Roadside Safety Design, Retro-reflectivity
Jason MillerAll The technical side of tires, bringing out the best in your team-How to hire, how to fire, how to inspire. More at website: www.millerb2b.com
William MobbsAll Highway Operations: Personnel Supervision/Leadership
Danny Eugene MooreAllTraffic Control Technical, Traffic Control Supervisor, Flagger Instructor Training, Flagger Certification Training, Other ATSSA certified coursesWork Zone Safety Training for ATSSA
Juan M. MoralesAll Flagger Training, MUTCD, Spanish Speaking Workers, Tort Liability and Risk Management, Traffic Control, Training for Trainers, Work Zone Safety, Traffic Simulation
Todd MorrisonAllBasic Flagger; Work Zone Technician & Supervisor; Environmental Awareness, Communications I & II; Customer Service; Drainage: The Key to Roads that Last; Managing People I, II, III, IV, V, & VI; Risk Management & Tort Liability; Traffic Management Through Signals, Signs and Markings; Developing Leadership Skills; Erosion & Sediment Control; Small Bridges; Snow & Ice Control; Computer Familiarization; Basics of Hot-Mix Asphalt Highway ConstructionAsphalt Maintenance, Civil Engineering, Communication Skills, Erosion & Sediment Control, Ethics for Public Employees, Flagger Training, Leadership, MUTCD, Project Management, Road Surface Management, Sign Inventory Management, Snow & Ice Control, Supervision in Public Works, Surface Treatments, Tort Liability & Risk Management, Traffic Control, Winter Operations, Work Zone Safety
Shirley D. MorrowAllHow to Prepare a Compliant SWPPP, How to Inspect a Construction Site, How to Update and Maintain a SWPPP Erosion and Sediment Control on construction sites
Timothy R. Murphy, P.E.AllHot Mix Asphalt thickness design, mix design, production, placement & compaction. Asphalt Pavement and Parking Lot Maintenance.Asphalt
Dwight C. NewtonAllCustomer Service, Time Management, Delegation, LeadershipCustomer Service, Leadership Development, Personality, Time and Organizational Challenges
Richard NowackAllStorm Water and Erosion ControlBike and Pedestrian, Communication Skills, Construction Inspection for Public Works, Dust Control, Erosion and Sediment Control, Project Management, Storm Water Engineering/Management, Environmental Impacts, NEPA, Endangered Species
David Orr, P.E., Ph.D.AllPavement maintenance, Roadway and Roadside Drainage, Pavement management, Highway department management 
Ken PalmerAllOne and/or multiple day customized seminars & workshops designed to meet specific needs for large or small groups.; Standard, Custom and Precision hands-on skills training in a wide range of tree related topics; Consultation for setting up worker safety and productivity programsChain Saw Safety, Ergonomics & Handling; Brush Chipper Safety; Precision Tree Felling; Pruning; Aerial Lift Operation; Tree Climbing, Working Aloft with Chain Saws; Large Tree Pruning; Tree Rigging and Dismantling Operations; How to be Prepared for Storm Clean Up Operations
Harvey F. PelleyAll Snow and ice removal, general road/bridge construction, general road maintenance
Rick PetersAZ, CO, KS, NE, NV, SD, TX, UT, WYMunicipal, County and State DOT'sAsphalt Maintenance Chip Seals, Gravel Road Chip Seals; Includes road prep, material specifications, best practices.
Theodore PetritschAllBicycle-Facilities Planning and Design, Pedestrian-Facility Planing and Design, Multimodal Level of Service, Design of Share Use PathsBike and Pedestrian
Matt PowellKY, TNKEPSC Introductory Course, City of Bowling Green Certification Course Erosion Prevention Sediment Control, Stormwater Regulations and Compliance
Matt PowellKY, TNKEPSC Introductory Course, City of Bowling Green Certification CourseErosion Prevention Sediment Control, Stormwater Regulations and Compliance
Stephen PriceAllSafety On and Around Heavy Equipment Train the Trainer - Heavy Equipment Performing SafeTraining Specialist / Consultant, Heavy equipment safety,operation and maintenance. Class List: Safety On and Around Heavy Equipment Train the Trainer - Heavy Equipment Performing Safe
Douglas S. PrinceFL, GA, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV Internal and external highway work zone set-up
Ronald Lee Purvis, P.E.All5,4,3 or 2-day Bridge Preservation and Repair Workshop 5, 4, 3 or 2-day Bridge Maintenance Workshop See http://tinyurl.com/rpurvis Bridge Preservation, Bridge Maintenance, Bridge Construction, Bridge Management, Bridge Design
Lori QuiggAllProject Road and Bridge Management, Construction Inpection and Management, Highway Design Project Road and Bridge Management, Costruction Inspection,Road Design and Construction Plans; Materials Inspection, Certification and Documentation, Bridge Inspection, Traffic control
Fred Ranck, P.E., P.T.O.E.AllNHI 380070 Safety Effects of Geometric Design Features for two-lane rural highways and for multilane urban and suburban streets NHI 380077 Intersection Safety Workshop NHI 380078 Signalized Intersection Workshop FHWA Roundabout Workshop FHWA Older Driver and Pedestrian WorkshopHighway Safety, Intersection Safety, Highway Safety Manual, Horizontal Curve Safety, Older Driver and Pedestrian, Pedestrian design and safety
Carl Rascoe, P.E.AllHot mix pavement repair and seal coats, Basics of a good road, Concrete pavement repair, Asset management for local governments Pavement engineering, non destructive testing of pavements, pavement and asset management, Pavement maintenance
Dwight Reagan  Highway drainage, culvert maintenance and inspection, highway project development management, and urban storm water
Michele RegenoldAll; except AK/HI Web development, databases for mail lists and events management
John RowleyAll Erosion and Sediment Control Planning, Design, Construction; Selection of Best Management Practices; Clean Water Act compliance strategies in the areas of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit; preparing a Storm Water Pollution prevention Plan
William M. SampsonAllTraffic Engineering Fundamentals Highway Capacity Analysis Basic Signal Operations Traffic Engineering, Highway Capacity Analysis, Signal Timing
Roger SandersAll Work Zone Safety, Flagging
Brad SantAll Federal grant sponsored training
Barry W. Saunders, Ed.D.AllAvailable upon request (all classes tailored to specific agency)Management and supervisory needs assessment, training design and training delivery, organizational development, group facilitation, team building
Kathleen SchaeferAllwinter maintenance chemical application and environmental impacts of those chemicals, temporary workzone traffic control, gravel road maintenance and dust control, roadside vegetation management, erosion and sediment control, asphalt pavement maintenance and preservation winter maintenance chemical application and environmental impacts of those chemicals, temporary workzone traffic control, gravel road maintenance and dust control, roadside vegetation management, erosion and sediment control, asphalt pavement maintenance and preservation
Jeffrey Shaw, P.E.AllRoad Safety 101, Introduction to Roundabouts, Fundamentals of Geometric Design, Highway Design: Applying Flexibility & Risk Management, Roadside Safety Design, Interchange Planning Analysis & Design, Road Safety Audits, Low Cost SafetyImprovements, Improving Horizontal Curve Safety, Safety Effects of Geometric Design General road safety, Geometric design, Roadside design, Roundabout intersections, Context sensitivedesign and solutions, Traffic analysis tools, Road safety audits
Robin ShepardAllPersonal Protective Equipment, Proper lifting, Prevention of slipping & falling, MSDS, Bloodborne pathogens, Confined space entry, trenching & shoring, Lockout/tagout, Tool Box TalksGeneral Safety, Construction Safety, Industrial Safety
Jim SignsAll, NE(1) Chain Saw Safety and Productivety (2) Power Tool Maintenance and Preparation; this is for shop mechanics repairing and preparing units to send to the field "Chain saw safety and productivety seminars", which include saw maintenance ie., power head, guide bar and saw chain preparation for the most efficient and safe operation, tree removal and directional felling techniques, understanding kickback, what is it and how to prevent it, safety techniques and apparel, tools of the trade and"the stay alive checklist", typically 5.5 hours in length however we will customize to fit your needs
Keith W. SinclairAllDeveloping Pedestrian Safety Action Plans, Designing for Pedestrian Safety, RSA Implementation, HSIP, LCSI Highway Safety Improvement Program, Low Cost Safety Improvements, Pedestrian Safety, Road Safety Audits/Assessments, Improving Safety with ITS, Facilitator
Bill SprouleAllTraffic Engineering, Traffic Safety Engineering, Transportatin Planning, Airport Planning and Design, Consulting Engineering, Senior Designtraffic engineering, transportation planning, highway planning, airport planning and design, public transit, automated people movers
Ed StellfoxAllRoad Surface Management, Common Maintenance on Asphalt Roads, Basic Construction Math, Drainage, Cost Control, Preventive Maintenance on Asphalt Roads, Asphalt Resurfacing, Asphalt Pavement Recycling, Winter Maintenance, Introduction to Geosynthetics Pavement Maintenance, Road construction, Pavement Management
Bob StrobelAllComputer Software Programs: 1) Road Surface Management Systems (RSMS). 2)Sign Inventory Management Systems (SIMS). 3) PWS Drains (drainage)Bob is the software instructor at NH LTAP. He has 10 years of experience in software training and technical support for RSMS, SIMS, Drains and GIS software. He has managed municipal data collection and analysis projects in Epping, Deerfield, Durham, and South Berwick, ME.
Brad TathamAllAlternative Field Data Collection Methods (2 - 6 hours) GeoCollaboration (1 day) Introduction to Mobile GIS Solutions (6 hours) GIS Tutorial in Health (2 day) GIS in Public Health (3 day) Using ArcGIS in Municipal Government (Public Works, Fire and Police) (2 days) ArcView GIS courses for Resource Managers, Mapping and Imagery for Parks and the Environment Transportation Leveraging GPS (Tribal) ArcGIS for Homeland Security ArcGIS Desktop I: Getting Started with GIS ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and Functionality ArcGIS Desktop III: GIS Workflows and AnalysisArcGIS, General GIS Use, Mobile GIS
Mark TaylorAllExploring the Green Book: Basic Gemoetric Design, Highway Design: Applying Flexibility and Risk Management, Roundabouts: Designing Intersections for Safety, NHI CSS Course Geometric Design; Preparation of Plans, Specifications, and Estimates; Context Sensitive Solutions; Project Management; Safety Design; Roadside Safety; Safety and Operational Effects of Geometric Design
Jerry TeelerAll OSHA ten hour and management center safety
Margie ThomasAllWhy is Teamwork So Hard?, How to Deal with Angry People, Whose Job is it?, Developing Personal Accountability, Work Smarter-Not Longer (time management), Who's on First (project management), How to Deal With Conflict in a Changing Environment, Listening is Good Business, Management and Staff Retreats (customized)Organization Effectiveness, Communication Skills, Listening Skills, Conflict Skills, Process Improvement Facilitation, Leadership, Team development
Patricia ThurmanAllCoping with Conflict, Power & Leadership, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Assertiveness, Meetings, New Managers, Business English, Managing Diverse Generations, Dealing with Change, Communication, MBTI Leadership and management, interpersonal skills
Rip TompkinsAllOne and/or multiple day customized seminars & workshops designed to meet specific needs for large or small groups.; Standard, Custom and Precision hands-on skills training in a wide range of tree related topics; Consultation for setting up worker safety and productivity programs Chain Saw Safety, Ergonomics & Handling; Brush Chipper Safety; Precision Tree Felling; Pruning; Aerial Lift Operation; Tree Climbing, Working Aloft with Chain Saws; Large Tree Pruning; Tree Rigging and Dismantling Operations; How to be Prepared for Storm Clean Up Operations
Douglas TownesAllContract Administration Core Curriculum. Construction Workmanship quality. Daily Diary. Construction Administration, Contract Administration. Claims avoidance and documentation. Transportation Construction Quality Control/Quality Assurance.
David L. Van WagonerAllPavement Preservation; The Art of Effective Communication; Developing Extraordinary Employees; Hiring the Right Person - Every Time!; Solving Problems, Not Symptoms; Finding the Greatness in Your People; A Model For Effective Snow & Ice Control; Plan For Success;Leadership; Employee development; Effective Communication; Pavement preservation; Snow & ice control; Hiring and firing; Organization; Creative problem solving; Accelerated learning; Building and maintaining moral.
David WatkinsMI, MN, WIIntroduction to HEC-RAS, Hydrologic Modeling with HEC-HMSWater resources engineering
Chris Webster, P.E.AllDesigning & Operating Intersections for Safety, Intersection Safety Workshop, Signalized Intersection Guidebook, Safety Effects of Geometric Design Features, Rail-Highway Grade Crossing ImprovementsIntersection Safety
Laird E. WeishahnAL, FL, GA, MS Asphalt Design, production, placement and compaction Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges
Kevin WhiteAllDesign of Culverts, Design of Highway Drainage Systems, Installation and Maintenance of Drainage Structures, Reline and Rehabilitation of Culverts, Structural Design of Drainage Pipe, Culvert Inspection and Maintenance, Erosion and Sediment Control Practices, Installation of Drainage Pipe, Detention/Retention Pond Design.Highway Drainage Design, Culvert Design, Highway Hydrology, Erosion and Sediment Control, Storm Water Management, Detention/Retention Pond Design, Pipe Mechanics
Eugene Wilson, PE, PhD, PTOEAll Safety and traffic engineering operations, education and training, tort liability and expert witness activities
Yetkin YildirimAllPavement Preservation, Pavement Maintenance, Road Surface Management, Superpave Binder, SuperpaveAsphalt Maintenance, Civil Engineering, Road Surface Management, Surface treatments